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Horizontal baler Successful stories!

Customized horizontal baler for rubber form, Cardboard, paper, Carton Box, Plastic film,bottle And Can.

Eco horizontal baler, recycling baler with great packing system.


How Techgene Machinery Got their Old Client Back with a baler design

Techgene Machinery Offers recycling balers with Best Qualities

Techgene's recycling baler- horizontal baler, vertical baler

recycling baler From Techgene Machinery

On March 10, 1996, Techgene Machinery received a call from Japan SUNX Limited's purchasing manager. They expressed a need for a horizontal baler; a horizontal baler trouble required that they get a new recycling baler in one month. SUNX Limited had purchased horizontal balers from Techgene Machinery before.  Because of the recent popular China market, SUNX Limited bought a recycling baler for a cheaper price.

"The horizontal baler we bought looks exactly the same as any other one; we thought we'd made a good decision. After running several times, the auto-tie horizontal baler couldn't do the job and stop at all times." manager of SUNX Limited said.

Subsequently, large recycled materials accumulated and a new horizontal baler was required in one month without delay.

Techgene Machinery realized the situation and knew the lack of press force for the inserter had caused the disaster. Therefore, a new horizontal baler was manufactured with powerful inserter cylinder with adequate force to push forward for wrapping the objects, and was delivered on-time as requested. Since then, Techgene Machinery's quality-guaranteed horizontal baler has been SUNX Limited’s first choice.
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A Horizontal Baler That is Capable of Packing Recycled Rubber Foams

There was a challenge which came from a sport equipment company named WINBO, which requested a horizontal baler that is capable of packing recycled rubber foams. Based on Techgene Machinery's almost 40 years of horizontal baler experience, it knew that commen wrapping wire wouldn't have the strength for rubber foams because of rubber's great expansiveness. Thus, a horizontal baler with a thicker and wider wrapping band was developed particularly for this rubber foam materials. It is a close-ended and solid horizontal baler that can tighten these rubber foams stripes into a certain density and size. Techgene Machinery's engineers had designed a horizontal baler that is so solid that it only requires regular maintenance.

Techgene's vertical waste recycling baler

Vertical recycling baler (Trash Compactor)

A recycling baler That Lasts Forever

“Recently, We received an order from a company called Chengneng that would like to procure a recycling baler for their recycled corrugated paper. When I asked them about how they found us, they said they were visiting recycling factories and also surveying recycling baler, and one of the managers told them that he bought one of our recycling balers six years ago and it has never broken down since. Therefore, Chengneng contacted me for recycling baler purchasing”, Garrett Hsu from Techgene Machinery Co., LTD., one of the most successful Taiwanese recycling baler suppliers, claimed.

The First recycling baler For Kyowa in Okinawa

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading material handling expert and has earned a long-standing reputation for engineering excellence and product durability. In Okinawa, Kyowa's first recycling baler was made by Techgene Machinery.
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recycling baler Orders from Yuen Foong

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the biggest Industrial Paper, Coated Paper,Woodfree Paper & Paperboard suppliers in Taiwan. It has placed horizontal balers' orders with Techgene Machinery.  

The automatic horizontal baler must be installed inside a basement with many limitation of loading space, which was a big challenge for Techgene Machinery.  But its skillful engineers came up with a solution for it. Because of the particular plant layout, a customized horizontal baler was required. Based on Techgene Machinery's almost 40 years of horizontal baler experience, the horizontal baler had to be taken apart into two sections first, and once they were shipped into the plant, the engineers integrated them back into one piece. Techgene Machinery designs your recycling baler based on plant size, production expectation and handled material, and provides you a brilliant recycling baler that will last forever.

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