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Australian's good purchase of PET Bottle Recycling Baler from Techgene Machinery

PET bottle recycling has become a popular industry in recent recycling market due to people's raising awareness of environmental issues, and the potential market on using recycled plastic bottle for various applications.

In Australia, there’s a recycling consulting company, Recycling Design & Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd (RDT), that is specialized in providing professional recycling plant planning and consulting for dynamic recycled materials including cardboards, papers, carton boxes, plastic bottles, plastic films, cans, etc. Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is a recycling baler manufacturer with almost 40 years of experience and they have been working with RDT closely to supply them high quality balers to meet their needs.

One time, they've designed a plastic bottle recycling baler that was built and located on a trailer. The trailer carried the baler to collect recycled plastic bottles at every recycling factory. The plastic bottle baler's model number is TCB-1108; it is a 15-ton vertical recycling baler that is capable of baling PET bottles up to 400kg with 100-ton press force. It does the baling 1-2.5 tons per hour and the baler size is suitable for sitting on a trailer.

Techgene Machinery Co. - Close-end Horizontal Baler - TCB Series
Techgene automatic recycling baler (TCB-1108 series)

Machine dimension of closed-end recycling baler - TCB-1108 series

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This is how a good and experienced baler supplier should do

In Taiwan, Taian is one of the leading recyclers for plastic bottles, they contacted Techgene Machinery a few months ago to consult their baler dilemmas. After checking out the plastic bottle baler Taian purchased years ago, Techgene Machinery proposed solutions to fix the baler.

A solid welded and designed baling press should be good for heavy continuous operation. Taian's baling press machine had constructional design defect; that's why it became dysfunctional after a while. When baler starts to press, there's a metal plate to push the left behide plastic bottles to avoid jamming up. The improper structural design of metal plate eventually got bended due to the unbalanced weight. Techgene re-built and re-designed the metal plate that was able to tolerant the heavy weights with correct structural designs.

Because of the great satisfactory with Techgene Machinery, Taian had purchased a new plastic bottle baler that is also for plastic bottle recycling for increased recycling business.

Techgene Machinery is a baler supplier with almost 40 years of experience in Taiwan. When purchasing a recycling baler from Techgene Machinery, you are receiving a high quality baler that is going to last forever. Techgene Machinery's recycling baler is sold worldwide with distributors' cooperation. The basis of Techgene Machinery's integrated solutions is their market leading engineering knowledge and the worldwide spare parts and service support.

Techgene Machinery Co. - Close-end Horizontal Baler - TCB Series

Baler for PET bottle and Aluminum can - TCB 1108

Australia RDT’s Great Satisfactory

Hi Kevin,

The 2 bakers are for the lismore city council and we are waiting for their decision. I spoke with them yesterday and it looks like it will be another month until they let us know which way they are going to go.

Your closed door baler that we bought is working very well and I am very happy with it. It is the best closed door baler that I have used.

Thanks and Best Regards

Stuart Garbutt
Projects Director

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